The ​Trae Young that everyone knows and loves is back tonight. With 11 points in the first quarter and this absurd three-pointer that could be close to 30 feet out, we are seeing what may be the second coming of Steph Curry. 

​That's what everyone saw and raved about when he was playing at Oklahoma. Now, in terms of being like Steph, there are no guarantees, but this is the closest play style to Curry's we've seen since he entered the league back in 2009. 

He's got the same small body and frame, he's an assist machine and a prolific scorer, specifically from three-point range. Now, not just everyone can throw up threes like Curry from anywhere and know it's going in. Curry is most likely the best shooter to ever play basketball. Regardless, there aren't many differences in their style of play.

e'll have to wait and see if the ​Hawks made the right pick or not, and if Young becomes Curry 2.0.