Marcus Smart is one of the remaining top free agents left. He's a restricted free agent, though, which means that the Celtics can match any offer he gets and keep him. 

These past few days, Smart has reportedly been talking with teams, trying to work out a deal because the Celtics have yet to give him one aside from the qualifying offer. There have been a few conflicting reports on Smart, but it looks like he could be garnering interest.

So far, Smart has already met with two teams although we're not sure who they are, although one ​appeared to be the Nets. He's slated to meet with two more on Tuesday.

This summer is a little tough on Smart because most teams already have their backcourts settled at this point. 

Smart is definitely better than one or two players in these teams' backcourt, but he may not be worth the money, especially for rebuilding squads. 

The best play for Smart right now is to sign the Celtics' qualifying offer so that he becomes a free agent next season when the salary cap will loosen up.