The wheels have already fallen off this LeSean McCoy situation miles ago and somehow this is still spinning further and further out of control. 

Earlier today, McCoy was accused of using steroids, beating his son, essentially killing his dog, and ruthlessly attacking his girlfriend in a chilling Instagram post made by the victim's close friend, Mia. The post has since been removed, but that doesn't mean Mia is done going after the superstar running back. 

Mia warned McCoy that she "knows everything."

​​If she knows more that could somehow make this situation even worse, then it has to be unimaginably awful. 

Mia stated that she didn't remove the post because she regretted what she said. On the contrary, she took it down at the request of the lawyers representing her friend, Delicia Cordon. Another friend believes that McCoy sent hitmen to break into her place of residence and rob her.

How in the world can there be even more dirt on this man? 

So, what is "everything"? 

McCoy has already responded on Instagram to say these claims are completely false and he's even ​suing his ex-girlfriend to get her kicked out of her house.

No matter what happens, there's no way this case avoids getting even messier.