The first time LeBron James made a choice on where he'd play the following season, it was called "The Decision" and was broadcasted on national television. When he decided to jump ship from the Miami Heat to Cleveland, he released an article called "I'm Coming Home."

It's safe to say he's arriving in Los Angeles with less fanfare. 

James informed the Lakers he'd be heading to LA by having his agent text GM Rob Pelinka "Congrats" and a simple apple text effect displaying balloons. 

​​Man, LeBron has really mellowed out over the years. 

Maybe it's because he's already had his decision to chase championships in Miami and then his big return to hoist a title in his hometown for the first time in franchise history. This is just a money-based decision towards the end of his career.

He doesn't need a big announcement this time. As long as he has a say in the process, who cares about a gigantic announcement? 

​​The Lakers don't have a problem putting fans in seats. He doesn't need a celebration, considering he still has to run through the Warriors and the rest of the loaded West at some point. ​He's already starting to get to work.

Maybe when he brings LA a championship, he'll text the Buss family "woohoo" with a firework effect. That'll really be a moment they'll remember forever.