We've seen Brandon Browner in trouble with the law multiple times. It is not something that will likely happen again as the former cornerback won't have the opportunity behind bars. 

The Pro Bowl defensive back hit his lowest point over the weekend when he was arrested after breaking into his ex-girlfriend's home and threatening to kill her. He won't get off lightly this time, or at all for that matter.

Browner is being charged with attempted murder and could receive life in prison if convicted. 

​​A serious crime for a serious punishment. 

Browner has had run-in after run-in with the law over the years and was even​ sentenced to jail for 60 days not long ago before he was released due to overcrowding. It doesn't matter how crowded the prison will be this time. 

After the details that were released from this latest incident, Browner won't receive any luck from the system this time. 

​​It has been an incredible fall from grace for Browner. He was an original member of the Legion of Boom in Seattle and won two Super Bowl titles. If he stayed out of trouble, he could've had a much longer NFL career.

Instead, he could end up sitting in a jail cell, rethinking his life.