​​The LeSean McCoy whirlwind continues to spiral out of control.

The Milton (Georgia) Police Department revealed on Tuesday that the woman inside McCoy's home was "specifically targeted" in the home invasion, citing it was not a random incident. They went onto say the intruder demanded specific items from the female victim. By now, we all know the victim is McCoy's ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon. 

A second female victim was also attacked, where she suffered a minor injury.

Here is the official statement released by the Milton PD:

The police did not release the names of the victims, but family and friends of Cordon have revealed it was her through various social media posts. They accused McCoy of domestic violence against Cordon, and one friend in particular hints that the running back​ hired hitmen to attack and rob her.

​The police dispatch call was released earlier on Tuesday, where the operator said the woman in the home was "assaulted, hit in the head and locked in the bathroom."

​​Police did not say McCoy was involved in the incident, as the Buffalo Bills running back maintains his innocence throughout the wave of accusations, calling them, "baseless and offensive."

The two were scheduled to meet in court on Tuesday, as​ McCoy was looking to remove Cordon from his home for months, but she refused to leave.