​​Marcus Smart has made it very clear that he is frustrated with the Celtics. He is a restricted free agent, and the Celtics have not made any moves to re-sign their defensive star. 

So Smart is beginning to make his own moves. On Monday night, Smart was seen speaking to Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks.

Smart is looking for an offer somewhere between $12 and $15 million, but most teams looking at Smart have averaged him out to about $9 million. Luckily for the Nets, they have cap space around $11 million, which would be perfect for Smart.

Boston could match any offer that Smart might receive, but with tensions running high between Smart and the Celtics at the moment, we can't even be sure that Smart would accept.

The Nets have not yet reported that they have any desire to add Smart to their roster. But Smart is ready for his payday, and with reports coming in that the ​Sacramento Kings are preparing an offer for the guard, the Nets have to decide quickly. 

Though Smart lacks in the shooting department, his defense basically makes up for everything else. He would be a great addition to the guard depth chart in Brooklyn, including Jeremy Lin and D'Angelo Russell.

We are waiting in anticipation for Smart's decision. Will it be Boston, Brooklyn, or Sacramento?