I don't even think calling this situation awkward would do it the proper justice. ​

We've all had those annoying moments where you end up running into someone in public that causes issues. 

This dilemma is far worse. 

One Texas girl was straight chilling watching the Astros game on Monday night when she spotted her brother-in-law sitting next to another woman at the ​Houston Astros game. It appears there was already speculation over him cheating, but this might just have put the nail in the coffin. 

​​Ouch, this dude has more than some explaining to do. 

Even though it seems like it could be nothing from that angle (there's an empty seat next to him after all), the Twitter world decided to only make the situation worse. Another user responded showing a different shot of the brother-in-law with this mysterious woman, as she was clearly enjoying herself. They're blatantly together.

Ironically enough, a subtle 'K' would probably match his wife's next text message.

​​At least the rest of the world can use this as the perfect example of what not to do on national television. Hopefully he enjoyed ​the Astros because he's got more than a few questions heading his way.