​Feast your eyes on the future of baseball. 

The Tampa Bay Rays have released photos of their future stadium and it is unlike anything you've ever seen in an MLB ballpark. 

The new stadium, which will be the smallest in the entire major leagues, will have 28,216 fixed seats but can fill up to 30,842 people at full capacity. ​Tampa Bay already has by far the least seating in the major leagues and their stadium will only get smaller. 

Which is nothing but smart for a team that averages under 15,000 per contest as is.

The most futuristic component of the stadium is the translucent roof that will protect fans and players from the elements but will provide the sunlight and warmth that everyone wants at a baseball game. 

​​Additionally, the Rays are taking a page out of the Boston Red Sox's playbook and are cutting off access to the nearby 4th Street so it can be used similarly to how Yawkey Way is in Boston. 

The Rays currently play in St.Petersburg. 

However, this new stadium will be located in nearby Ybor City, which is part of downtown Tampa Bay. 

It remains unclear when exactly the Rays will begin playing in this stadium. 

But, it is certain that ​Clint Frazier fly balls will be patiently awaiting the arrival of this entirely new baseball experience.