​This shouldn't shock anyone, but ​LeBron James is once again five steps ahead of everyone else.

Signing with the Los Angeles Lakers was enough evidence to prove he's always thinking about the long haul. However, if that wasn't ample proof that he's never a prisoner of the moment, then the latest clause in his contract should get the job done. 

Included in his four-year, $154 deal with Los Angeles is a 15 percent trade kicker. 

​​Well done, King James!

For those that aren't familiar with this contract inclusion, a trade kicker increases the player's salary if he's traded. In this particular case, it would spike by 15 percent. 

Now, I know people are skeptical of LeBron being moved and it's highly unlikely he finds himself shipped out of Los Angeles. Yet, this policy will provide insurance to the four-time MVP if he were to ever find himself declining in L.A. Instead of earning $38 million per season, James' contract terms would jump all the way to nearly $44 million. 

Lakers fans shouldn't panic at all though, the King seems more than thrilled to ​be in Hollywood.

​​This is nothing more than an emergency clause for James, as the three-time champion continues paving the way for other superstars in free agency.