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5 Bold NBA Trades We Want to See Happen

The landscape of the NBA is officially changed now that LeBron James is in the Western Conference, but that doesn't mean the chaos should end. With the rest of the league still trying to catch the Golden State Warriors, fans should expect more groundbreaking deals to come through. Instead of looking for minor swaps and exchanges, however, it's time to shoot for the stars and lay out some truly audacious deals we want to see come to fruition.

5. Kemba Walker to Detroit

Detroit basketball hasn't been very great over the past two seasons, but the hire of Dwane Casey as coach could turn their franchise around. They have an impressive frontcourt duo in Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond, but nothing much else to lean on.

It's time to start making phone calls and inquire about Kemba Walker. He averaged 22.1 points per game last season, which is the perfect candidate for the Pistons. Considering their careless approach with draft picks and future assets, this blockbuster deal could happen.

4. Kevin Love Forms Big Three in Houston

Holding Kevin Love hostage in Cleveland would be criminal, as the All-Star forward deserves an opportunity to play for a team with an actual chance. While the Cavaliers will obviously sell him to the highest bidder, it'd be intriguing to see what Chris Paul can do with Love. 

He's consistently one of the best rebounders in the game, but what he's able to do from three-point land is truly special. It's rare for a guy his size to connect on over 41 percent of his triples. Placing K-Love alongside James Harden and CP3 could lock in the most potent offense in the NBA.

3. Damian Lillard to Lakers

The Lakers aren't fooling anyone. Expecting LeBron to enter this season without a true co-star is borderline lunacy. Since he took his talents to South Beach, King James has been accompanied by at least one other All-Star. It'd be tough to envision any of the youngsters receiving that honor in 2018, which makes trading for Damian Lillard a possibility. 

While Portland would demand a huge package for the dynamic guard, sending Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma might be enough to give LeBron James another version of Kyrie Irving-- without the drama.

2. Minnesota Ships Jimmy Butler to Boston

Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving have an ultimate goal of playing alongside each other, as both stars will hit the open market in 2019. Instead of waiting for next summer, why not go for a blockbuster trade that makes this dream duo an reality?

While the Wolves are in complete disarray, the Celtics have a championship-caliber roster ready to dominate. They could keep their current core, but they could also swap Jaylen Brown for Jimmy Butler. It'd help Boston add more star power to their lineup while jumpstarting the rebuild in Minnesota.

1. Kawhi Finds Himself in Philly

It's nearly impossible to talk about blockbuster trades without Kawhi Leonard's name surfacing and resurfacing. He's an absolute game-changer on both sides of the floor, making him the best target available. While the Spurs have been stubborn in negotiations with the Lakers, they definitely aren't against moving him eastward.

The most intriguing storyline around Leonard would be him joining up with LeBron or becoming the undisputed No. 1 with the Clippers, but watching him destroy the Eastern Conference is equally awesome. If the Philadelphia 76ers can muster the strength to deal Markelle Fultz and Robert Covington, then they could have an insane trio of Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Kawhi Leonard to trot out every night.