​The MLB All Star Game is almost here, and one member of the National League team felt left out.

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jon Lester took to Twitter on Monday to send a message to MLB. Why?​ He couldn't find his All-Star jersey on MLBshop.com.

​​Hey, if we were in Lester's shoes, we'd be in the same state of mind. Why would your jersey be unavailable if you made the team? 

"Did I miss a memo? Did I unintentionally make them upset?" he surely wondered.

However, no less than 24 hours later, Lester found that his jersey was available for purchase after all. There was only one thing left to do, and that's make up with MLB and let them know there are no hard feelings.

​​Sometimes all it takes is a simple "sorry." For Lester, he will be making his fifth All-Star Game appearance, and he wants some swag to hang up on the wall of his man cave.

That, and he wants to ensure that his fans are able to purchase the rather sweet red jerseys that he will rock this upcoming weekend.