This was the perfect response!

Leo Komarov is no stranger to the antics of Boston Bruins agitator Brad Marchand. Komarov was at the focal point of one of Marchand's weirdest controversies: the licking incident. Marchand had a problem with licking other players over the course of the first two rounds of the NHL playoffs. It was incredibly strange for everybody involved. 

Komarov knew exactly what to say when a media member asked him to comment on the situation--he just took it in stride.

It is kind of odd this is what NHL players are talking about but that is just what Brad Marchand does. As great of a player as Marchand there are always side-plots that distract from his abilities.

The Komarov-Marchand rivalry will be lessened next season now that Komarov is out of the Atlantic Division. The two will only meet on a few occasions but those match-ups will definitely be fun to watch.