From a public relations perspective, it has been an atrocious offseason for NFL owners. Unfortunately for them, it's about to get a lot worse. 

The NFLPA has filed a non-injury grievance on Tuesday against the NFL over the anthem policy that was recently voted upon by the owners. ​

​The NFLPA says its filing this grievance because it feels all decisions made about the anthem policy were made without its consultation​​. Additionally, the NFLPA believes the anthem policy does not align with the league's collective bargaining agreement and infringes upon players' rights. 

Ironically enough, no one other than the owners is happy with the anthem policy. The players dislike it for obvious reasons. They feel they're having their rights to free speech discarded, their opinion was not considered in the process, and they find the decision to be a completely ignorant response to a misinterpretation of players' intentions in kneeling during the anthem. 

President Trump ​hates the decision because he wants all players to stand for the anthem and pay homage to the flag. The new policy allows players to stay in the locker room, but forces them to stand for the anthem if they choose to come out onto the field. 

​​The owners, and Roger Goodell, cannot be pleased right now. They should've been smart enough to know that this issue wouldn't go away with the atrocious "solution" they rushed through, but that wouldn't be the first time they displayed massive amounts of ignorance in dealing with this topic specifically. 

I don't know if it's humanly possible for Goodell's approval rating to dip even lower, but the filing of this grievance won't do him any favors.