With so much controversy surrounding the NFL right now, the league's office will have another huge dilemma on their hands. 

​LeSean Mc​Coy has been sued for alleged assault, accused of being an animal abuser, and dealt with many severe situations over the course of his career. However, none of those past instances will match the amount of questions and scrutiny surrounding his latest scandal. 

The Buffalo Bills running back has allegedly assaulted his girlfriend Delicia, as her friend posted an extremely gruesome photo on Instagram that displays the true brutality of this attack. While it's uncertain at this point whether or not he actually abused her, this photo is absolutely disturbing. 

According to the caption, the photo on the right was taken Tuesday morning.

In the Instagram post, McCoy was called out for several haunting acts. She recalled times where he abused his son for having an accident, used illegal steroids and beat his girlfriend. 

Right now, 'Shady' McCoy hasn't commented on the situation and there isn't much clarity to the situation beyond the initial missive. Nonetheless, the NFL has been under fire for domestic violence issues before and needs to settle this dispute. If this did actually happen because of the Bills star's actions, he can officially consider his career over.

This puts an absolute knot in our stomach and a huge damper on Buffalo's upcoming campaign.