As we already know, the relationship between LeBron and Kyrie hasn't always been smooth sailing. Irving made it clear that there was some beef between the two with the abrupt and unchanging way he ditched Cleveland for Boston, but now we are starting to hear more from LeBron's end after his departure from Cleveland.

It has been reported that LeBron maintained a grudge about Kyrie's knee injury that happened during the 2015 playoffs that forced him to miss several games. Joe Vardon of reported on 92.3 The Fan Cleveland that, "This annoyed LeBron and LeBron’s people to no end. They were calling him soft and questioning his toughness, and LeBron was doing it in comments to the media."

Kyrie missed two games of the Eastern Conference Finals due to this injury and LeBron and his people still seem to hold a grudge about it to this day. Of course, after trying to push through the injury, Kyrie fractured his kneecap in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, which took him out of basketball for months. 

After a few more seasons, it is obvious that Irving has some serious health issues surrounding his knee. I don't think that you can call a player soft for eventually needing season-ending surgery. The problem has also lingered around for years, so you'd be hard-pressed to think Kyrie is milking it whatsoever. 

Injuries are never convenient. LeBron is allowed to be disappointed because a healthy Kyrie could have helped him earn another ring, but it has been three years. Time to move on. 

After hearing about all of this drama after the fact, it is surprising how much the two men were able to accomplish as partners in crime on the court. They did take the Cavaliers to three straight NBA Finals and, of course, won Cleveland's first NBA Championship in 2016. Somehow, with all that was going on behind closed doors, the All-Stars managed to get the job done. 

Talk about keeping private life and work life separate.