​The Orioles' Manny Machado should start taking notes from the baseball teams that are actually doing well this season and stop complaining, because right now he just sounds ridiculous. 

The infielder had a strong response when asked if he would play third base if traded to one of the many contenders interested in him at the moment. 

Clearly he wasn't happy about the question. 

Machado is a shortstop, but if he's labeling himself as a Major League player that can only play one position then he's going to face loads of problems in the future. If you can't be flexible for your team then you shouldn't be playing professional baseball. Machado's stubborn attitude is also not going to help him make any friends when he's inevitably traded. 

The ​Yankees expressed interest in Machado this week and they are a team filled with players ready to shift position on the field or in the lineup at any given moment. Machado not being willing to do so proves he isn't a fit in the Bronx, or elsewhere for that matter. 

Not to mention Machado is on an expiring contract. If he REALLY wants to play shortstop, he can make that a priority in free agency. But as far as his short-term plans, Manny ought to be willing to move to a more comfortable position to help his team win. Failing to do so makes him tougher to trade, and limits his options.

Plus, Machado is one of the worst shortstops in the league, so he really shouldn't even be bragging about that so much.

If Machado wants to be successful, he'll suck it up and play where he's need. This is Major League Baseball, after all, and if you're complaining about where you're playing so strongly then ​no team is going to want you or that attitude in their clubhouse.