With the MLB All-Star rosters now revealed, it's time for the final leg of decision-making for the Midsummer Classic: THE FINAL VOTE. The ballot this year includes San Fransisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt over on the National League side, and his teammates are doing everything they can to get him to DC. Feast your eyes on this instant classic:

This video starring outfielder Hunter Pence and pitcher Derek Holland -- aka "The Ballot Boys" -- is surely more than enough to get Belt over the hump and onto the All-Star team.

The Ballot Boys make a great point in this video, as Brandon Belt certainly has the numbers to be an All-Star, hitting .296 with 13 home runs on the year.

This hilarious clip is the first of many team promotions to send their final vote players to the All-Star Game, and the Giants may have already taken the crown for best endorsement video. 

While Brandon Belt is certainly deserving and the Ballot Boys made a strong case, other final vote contestants are formidable: Brewers first baseman Jesus Aguliar, Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy, and National's shortstop Trea Turner.

But let me tell you something, brother-- you certainly won my vote, Mr. Belt.