​You know what's worse than losing your best player? Losing your best player to a divisional opponent so that you have to continuously watch him screw your team over again and again.

But that nightmare scenario is reportedly looking more likely for Baltimore Orioles fans in regards to Manny Machado.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewers have been said to be the ​favorites to trade for Machado ahead of the July 31st deadline, but MLB insider Ken Rosenthal reports that the dreaded New York Yankees are suddenly asserting themselves in the race for the superstar infielder.

For many teams, Machado would only be a rental player, as he becomes a free agent at the end of the season. However, if the O's were to trade Machado to the Yankees and he signs a long-term extension to stay in the Bronx, Baltimore fans would be heartbroken to see Machado in pinstripes for many years to come.

And it really could happen.

The Yankees are primarily in the trade market for pitching depth. A deal that included both Manny Machado and ​Zach Britton could potentially kill two birds with one stone, making a trade between the two teams that much more conceivable.

The Yankees have one of the best and deepest farm system in baseball, so if the Orioles were open to trading with a divisional opponent, the Yanks could probably beat any offer from a rival team. 

Machado to the Yankees? It's more than simply possible. Perhaps start making your peace with it now, O's fans.