​Things just got a little bit more real, L.A. fans.

LeBron James officially put pen to paper today, making official his famous four-year deal with the Lakers. And now that the formalities are out of the way, the team has wasted no time dangling their newest free agent prize for all to see. This evening, the team revealed the first proper image of the King wearing a Lakers jersey:

​​All due respect to the thousands of photoshopped images that were produced as soon as the news of LeBron agreeing to the contract first emerged, there's nothing like the real thing.

​Admit it-- seeing this ​filled you with strong emotions one way or the other. If you're one of the SoCal faithful, you're nearly exploding with anticipatory excitement. If you hate the Lake Show and always have, then this phot made you die a little inside.

Game on, folks. It's a whole new ​NBA. Officially.