​The NBA offseason is a time for players to hit the gym and improve for next season. Practice, practice, practice. 

And did I mention party?

​Brandon Jennings, point guard of the Milwaukee Bucks, is wasting no time this offseason. On July 5, Jennings held a rager at his house and the neighbors were not too happy about the noise. Too much of a turn up?

​​The cops were called 30-40 times, and while no arrests were made the night of the ​party, the neighbors told TMZ Sports that they are "fed up with Brandon because he treats his house like a night club, with crazy parties, blaring music and huge crowds almost every night of the week."

Nobody minds a bit of partying, Brandon, but does it need to be done in a residential area?

Neighbors also told TMZ that they had spoken to Jennings before about the noise, but no changes were made. Now, they are joining ranks and strategizing how to make Jennings lower the volume.

Good luck, neighbors, because it doesn't seem like Jennings has any intentions of throwing a calmer party anytime soon.