Joakim Noah is really "trying"​ to save himself.

In an interview with TMZ Sports that was published on Monday, the New York native and former Florida Gator was asked about his future with the Knicks organization, but his response was just kind of pathetic.

"I love New York," claimed Noah, when asked about staying in New York. When asked a second time, Noah responded: "for sure."

The veteran center and the Knicks agreed that it would be best if he separated himself from the team in February after getting into a fight with then-head coach Jeff Hornacek during a team practice. 

Noah wasn't making a real difference on the court anyway, and probably hurt the team if anything, and thus the Knicks subsequently tried to trade him. Unfortunately, not many teams were willing to tack on a contract for a washed up player that pays more than $37.8 million over the next two years.

Anything is possible with Noah and the Knicks next season, as general manager Scott Perry has said that he could get traded, waived, stretched, ​or even stay. If Noah were ​to be stretched, however, the Knicks could open up $12 million in cap space for a marquee 2019 free agent. 

Either way, it doesn't matter how much he loves New York, because he's not coming back.