The ​Sacramento Kings are looking for key pieces to add to their rebuilding roster, and could have their eyes set on a particularly intriguing restricted free agent.

The Kings have been unlucky this offseason: their ​offer for guard Zach LaVine was matched by the Chicago Bulls and Mario Hezonja signed with the New York Knicks for less money. They currently need a solid forward, but Rodney Hood, who played his last 21 games with the Cleveland Cavaliers, could be the player they need.

Hood, who is coming off of his fourth NBA season, saw success as a member of the Utah Jazz, averaging 13.1 points and 27.7 minutes per game. Utah relied on him as an important starter on both ends of the floor until Donovan Mitchell went on a tear during his rookie year, and thus the Jazz no longer felt the need for his services. 

Hood can still play the same role he had in Utah with Sacramento, and maybe even on a larger scale.

At only 25 years old, Hood has a lot of promise, as seen in his college days at Mississippi State and Duke, and can help other young players on the Kings, such as De'Aaron Fox and Justin Jackson, grow into stronger, more confident athletes while also developing his own game more.

If the Kings make a good offer, Cleveland likely won't be rushing to match it at all. In addition, Sacramento is $19.5 million under the salary cap, so they have the funds to make the right decision.