Seriously, will we ever stop talking about this kid?

LiAngelo Ball made one of the most pathetic moves ever and decided to do what he said he would never do. He will be playing in the Junior Basketball Association, otherwise known as the league that his dad, La Var Ball, founded.

After not being drafted into the NBA and not being granted a Summer League opportunity by any NBA team this year, LiAngelo is back at square one. At the end of June, LiAngelo swore that he would never play for his father's league. 

He told, "Right now, I'm taking it day by day. I'll be willing to play in the G League and get moved up from there. That's an option. I'm not going to play in the JBA. I feel like that's taking a step back for me."

Well, guess you are taking a step back kid.  At least he will be able to somewhat shine on a way smaller platform and be paid a solid amount of money while doing so. After all, LaVar did say that the top players in his league will be making bank

LaVar created the JBA as an alternative to the NCAA that gives high school and junior college players to join a professional league setting. He probably assumed that all three of his sons would surpass this league and go straight to G League or the NBA. I wonder how he feels about it now...

Honestly, maybe it's time to give up your dream of being a Laker and go back to Europe, LiAngelo. This should be yet another wake-up call that you really aren't as good as you think you are.