I guess LaVar truly is a big baller.​

Big Baller Brand's ​Junior Basketball Association is in full swing, but as we've seen, it's ​not too impressive. However, it doesn't seem as if that notion has affected LaVar in the slightest. He's still going to open his wallet to make this work.

Just ask these guys what they could be getting paid!

​​Here's what Jesse Washington of The Undefeated wrote:

"Ball says all eight players on the JBA championship team will get a new car. He says he’ll take the 10 best guys from the league on a European tour to showcase their talents. He says he’ll pay top-ranked recruits $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 a month, plus 60 percent of their jersey sales. He claimed all the best players will come to the JBA instead of college or the G League “because I’m the Big Baller, and they don’t know who the boss is in the G League. Because my league is real. These dudes are going to come through this lane. They going to be like, ‘Man, he so genuine. That’s who I want to play for.’"

Sounds like a true boss of the working man, right?

Well, let's not forget LaVar still charges $500 for a pair of sneakers, and he really has nothing to lose offering these prices considering he needs legitimate top recruits coming to his league to have it start making considerable money and gain traction.

But then again, when has LaVar lied to us?

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