​Remember nobody wanted this guy in the offseason? He was one of the many free agents coming off a big year that no team wanted to pay, for whatever reason. Now, Mark Reynolds is tearing the cover off the ball for the Nationals ... and apparently taking the mound.

That was his first career appearance as a pitcher, during which he threw three pitches and got the out to end the inning. He sure has some junk, but he's gotta know to cover first base when there's a grounder to the first baseman. That's baseball 101, Mark.

However, it's hard to criticize him at all with the contributions he's made this weekend. He hit a ​walk-off home run on Friday and went 5-for-5 with ​10 RBI on Saturday, both of which resulted in victories for the Nats.

Although they lost today, manager Dave Martinez knows he can call on the veteran for some pitching help if need be.