​This is leadership?

Chris Paul just signed a massive four-year, $160 million max extension with the ​Houston Rockets, which will handicap them enough in regards to their salary cap, and now he's on the recruiting trail doing a terrible job.

He's trying to bring ​Carmelo Anthony to Houston. Yes, we know it was reported the Rockets would be interested in him, but Paul should be doing everything in his power to convince the front office otherwise.

Forget about Melo's three-point shooting, which can certainly be seen as a farce considering he managed to chuck up 15 shots per game on a team with Russell Westbrook and Paul George, because he's never been a prolific downtown shooter in his career. Do we really think he's only going to get better in this stat at this stage of his career?

Two other things that should be considered: Melo shot a career-low .404 from the field and had a downright awful 12.7 PER For the year, which was also a career low.

Oh yeah, and we're going to reunite this guy with Mike D'Antoni, the coach he drove out of New York while he was with the Knicks?!

Sure, the idea of a new system with ball handlers improving Melo and greatly assisting his style of play on offense is certainly a possibility, but do the Rockets really want to be experimenting with a 34-year-old veteran who has proven to be a headache on every team he's been on so far in his career.

Stop the recruiting Chris, the Rockets don't need this, especially with the current state of the Western Conference.