​America loves and demands Woj Bombs. ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski can pretty much always be relied upon to break a great many of the biggest breaking news items in basketball, giving us the scoop on where the big names are going, which ones are staying home, who's getting fired, etc.

But tonight, when we really, really need a ​Woj Bomb the most, we got the single worst ​NBA thing ever tweeted by human hands.

​​Seriously, let that basura caliente sink in for a moment.

TIMOFEY MOZGOV. Useless big man. Signed an absolutely dreadful four-year, $64 million deal with the Lakers in the dreaded Cap Spike Summer of 2016. Mercilessly unloaded to Brooklyn and later the Hornets.

BISMACK BIYOMBO. Another deathly contract from 2016, a four-year, $72 million albatross from the Magic. He is bad at basketball.

JULYAN STONE. Never heard of the guy. Literally never have. Well, hey, he's a Bull now.

But wait! There's more!!

OH MY GOD, PEOPLE. Someone make a joke about "the most ambitious crossover event in history." And then kill me, please.

Somehow, Jerian Grant makes this epic crap heap slightly less stinky. But it still reeks like the dickens. It's still apocalyptically bad. That cannot possibly change.

This is just where we are right now, folks. As we wait for the signings of guys like Clint Capela, Marcus Smart, and Jabari Parker who actually know how to play professional sports, we're stuck in a strange, painful purgatory.

Soldier on. Endure. Failure is not an option.