July 4 is definitely the best day of the year to enjoy a few beverages and food with your friends and family, but unfortunately for Arizona Cardinals general manager Steven Keim, he had a little too much fun.

In a time where you're supposed to enjoy the holiday, the Cardinals definitely got some news that they didn't want to hear. 

Keim was arrested for a DUI at a checkpoint, and after being processed, he was released that same night.

​​Keim, who is the second member of the Cardinals to get arrested this year along with ​Christian Kirk, promptly reported the incident to the team and issued this statement:

"I truly regret my incredibly poor judgment and inexcusable actions. Everyone associated with the NFL and its teams is held to a high standard of behavior and I obviously failed to meet that. I sincerely apologize to our organization and its fans as well as to my family. I accept full responsibility for my actions and hold myself completely accountable. Moving forward, I will take the steps to ensure that I never put myself or the Cardinals in this type of situation again."

The team also released the statement above about the incident.

Under the NFL's substance abuse policy, Keim faces a suspension for his DUI. Many first time offenders ​receive a two-game suspension, but with how wacky suspensions have been in the league for the past few years, who knows how long the Cardinals will be without their general manager.