​The entire hockey Twittersphere was delivered one of the biggest trades in the NHL offseason that we've all been waiting for, only for it to be a false report. 

Shawn Simpson of TSN claimed to have gotten confirmation from a source that Erik Karlsson was on his way to the Tampa Bay Lightning as soon as the league approved the deal. However, conflicting reports began to arise, and as the clock ticked on, it became evident that the reports were false and Karlsson was still an Ottawa Senator. 

Simpson took to Twitter today in order to apologize for his mistake. 

Simpson had the entire hockey community refreshing their Twitter feed over and over and over again, only for disappointment and one hell of a tease. 

​​Karlsson trade talks have been ​heating up as of late, with reports emerging that the Dallas Stars were frontrunners in the trade sweepstakes, however the asking price was too high so they're interest began to falter. ​The Lightning have been connected to Karlsson for months, and for a few hours it seems as if they'd finally acquired him but the report was either falsified or mistaken. 

Almost immediately after Simpson's tweet, Elliotte Friedman reported that the Karlsson deal was not in place and Simpson was mistaken. 

Friedman is the most reliable source for hockey news, so his denials of the report immediately squashed the rumors. However, Simpson held onto hope that his sources were true until this afternoon where he finally apologized for his mistake. 

The rumors surrounding Karlsson will continue to swirl, but be weary in trusting unverified sources.