​Clearly, the expression of 'passion is a virtue,' doesn't resonate with the NBA. 

With ​LeBron James set to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, the league expects their revenue to skyrocket because of the market. Clearly, stores were a little too eager to reap the benefits of this move, as the NBA Store in New York placed their King James jerseys on the racks.

​​There's just one huge problem: James isn't officially a member of the Lakers yet. 

In fact, the rule is that jerseys can't be in store or shipped until that contract is official. News flash, LeBron is currently on vacation. 

While many fans were probably devastated, the NBA Store quickly removed the jerseys from their showcases, as they have to follow these regulations. 

​​Now, the question remaining is whether or not jerseys were sold before taking them down. Considering all the online sites selling premature ​Lakers uniforms, it's safe to say that the NBA Store isn't too thrilled about this development.