How fast can you build this thing, Tampa? Two weeks?

The Tampa Bay Rays currently play in the ​dungeon that is Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, but after several years of planning and talking about moving, the team announced that they'll be unveiling their plans about a new stadium in ​Ybor City next Tuesday.

Rays fans and the people of Florida will see drawings of what the new ballpark will look like, as well as getting a ballpark figure (no pun intended) for how much it will cost. Whether it's an indoor park or has a retractable roof, there's no way it can be worse than their current environment at Tropicana Field.

"When we initially rolled out the location, that generated a significant amount of support," Hagan said. "This will only help us to gain momentum and gain the necessary corporate and community support."

The biggest and most important part of this unveiling, especially to the taxpayers, is the total price, which has been estimated around $800 million.