DeAndre Jordan is taking a pretty unconventional but admirable approach He is hoping to stay out of the spotlight when signing his contract with the Dallas Mavericks. Yup, that means no three-part documentary, huge post on social media, or even a press conference. 

Jordan wants to keep everything hush-hush this time which is a respectable way of going about signing a new contract. Probably a smart move after what he did to Dallas last time... 

Jordan chose to opt out of his last year with the Clippers for $24.1 million and decided to see what else was out there. Luckily, he was desired by the Mavericks. They had to put in some work to make it a possibility though. 

The Mavs quickly tried to scramble in order to clear enough salary-cap room that it would be appetizing for Jordan to come to them. They managed to create about $24 million in space by renouncing the team option rights to several players such as Dirk Nowitzki, Doug McDermott, and Seth Curry, Salah Mejri, and Nerlens Noel. 

Jordan is set to sign a one-year $24 million dollar contract as early as 11:00 am today. 

Mavs fans may not be so fond of this deal after the whole scandal in 2015 where Jordan committed to the Mavericks in free agency and then changed his mind last minute. But with history aside, Jordan will help this team win games which is the best way to make angry fans happy.