​The half-court shot is the ultimate amateur basketball shot. Every now and then, you see the average Joe make one for $50,000. The pros normally make it look easy, but Luka Doncic made this half-court shot look nearly impossible. 

Here's the shot by ​Doncic and ohhhhhh! Blocked by the light! This was really awful.

Was he trying to miss it on purpose? Because it sure looked like it. At least he can laugh about it. 

Great wordplay, Dwain. Maybe Luka was blinded by the light? Or maybe it's a facility problem, as R.D. Hunter pointed out.

Stop making excuses for him, R.D. That shot was truly awful. Serious question. Which was worse? This shot, or fellow rookie Trae Young's ​shooting performance in the Summer League? 

Nothing's worse than that. Thankfully, Doncic won't be called upon to drill shots from that distance too often.