Well this is officially the weirdest NBA news you will hear for quite some time. Buckle up. 

Members of Kawhi Leonard's camp would hide the injured star when members of the San Antonio Spurs staff​ would go to New York to check on his rehab. 

​​Yes, you read that correctly. They would literally take him and hide him so members of his ​own organization could not check up on his progress. This is why Gregg Popovich couldn't answer any questions from reporters regarding Leonard's progress. He legitimately had no idea because no one could physically see Leonard. 

If hiding from your team isn't the surest sign that things between you and your front office aren't kosher, I literally cannot fathom what is. 

I hope the Lakers are taking this into consideration as they look to ​acquire Leonard. Rather than surrounding him and LeBron James with more talent, they should use their cap space and hire some private investigators so they know where Leonard is at all times. 

This is where we are at with the NBA in 2018. It only gets weirder from here. ​​