Alright, ​Stephen A. Smith has officially gone off the deep end with this latest rumor. 

Over the course of his career, the ESPN personality has made some insane takes that seriously boggle the mind. He'll even occasionally spread false reports of Kevin Durant and LeBron James playing alongside each other in Los Angeles. 

Yet, nothing has ever topped this downright blasphemous idea that he released on his radio show. With trade rumors swirling around Damian Lillard, Smith believes the Knicks are a legitimate destination for the All-Star guard. 

​​Hate to steal his own phrase here, but "stay off the weed." 

The Lakers have quality trade pieces and are in win-now mode, which definitely makes them a reasonable candidate. We can't say the same about New York though. 

For the first time in recent memory, the Knicks are valuing their draft picks and the art of tanking. Trading all their assets for Lillard won't do anything other than sell tickets. If the true goal is to return to a relevant franchise, then a better alternative would be ​waiting for free agency in 2019.

​​Sorry, Stephen A. Smith, but these rumors have to stop. 

It'll be tough to see Portland even moving on from Lillard, which makes envisioning him in New York extremely murky. Regardless, expect Smith to keep firing off ludicrous takes this offseason.