​​Rashaad Penny was the second running back taken in this year's draft, picked 27th overall by ​the Seattle Seahawks.

The man has plenty of upside, and the Seahawks weren't the only team look to snag him. Apparently, a few trade proposals for Penny were tossed around as well.

Obviously, teams were very impressed with the 22-year-old back. Perhaps the only knock against him was that he played for a smaller school in San Diego State. Other than that, he looked great.

​Madden wholeheartedly disagrees.

In a stunning act of disrespect, Madden did not rank Penny on their list of the top five rookie running backs in Madden NFL 19. They only released the top five, so it's not clear how far down the list Penny is, but wherever it is, it's way too far.

Heck, even Derrius Guice, the Redskins rookie picked late in the second round, feels disrespected by his rating. Granted, he did drop because of off-the-field concerns, but still, imagine what Penny must be thinking.

Penny combined for almost 2,400 rushing and receiving yards in his senior year, as well as 25 total touchdowns. He averaged 7.8 yards per carry. Those numbers are insane.

The kid will certainly play for ​the Seahawks, and might even earn the starting job. Yet, Madden can't even give him a 76 overall.

This will probably just fuel Penny's motivational fire further, and rightly so.