The Los Angeles Lakers made one big move in free agency, but that's not enough. 

As history has shown, LeBron James cannot win by himself. He's joined Los Angeles, but one man can not take down the loaded roster that resides in Golden State. The Lakers are well aware that their band of young guns isn't enough to take down the reigning champions, and plan on adding a star point guard to pair with LeBron. 

Los Angeles is considering trades for numerous stars including Damian Lillard and John Wall, according to Chris Sheridan. 


Remember what LeBron James did with a superstar point guard in Cleveland? Adding someone who's proven themselves at that position makes total sense. 

It's hard to imagine the Lakes prying John Wall away from the Wizards. Even though they missed out on top free agents this offseason, they still believe in the young core they have, and could easily have finished higher up in the standings if their superstar wasn't hurt. Moving on from him would take a whole lot, and if that's the case, Los Angeles might as well just go after Kawhi Leonard. 

Damian Lillard, on the other hand, makes a ton of sense. 


Lillard is an unstoppable force at point guard, but he's shown he can't carry a team on his own in the playoffs. Maybe the Blazers, ​and Lillard himself, are starting to realize that and could look to hit the eject button in order to restart with some of the Lakers' young chips. 

L.A. knows they still have to make moves to keep afloat in the West, let alone contend. They might as well kick the doors on anyone and everyone available.