The Seahawks defense may be falling apart, but two members of last year's team are sticking together. 

Actually, they stuck together last year on the disabled list, and now will be entering retirement together. 

After Kam Chancellor had to hang up his cleats, former teammate Cliff Avril believes he's making the right decision. 

​​This isn't just someone who's looking for an extra player on his retirement softball team. He truly knows exactly what he's dealing with. 

Avril, just like Chancellor, isn't going out on his own terms. He failed his physical and was released by the Seahawks earlier this offseason after a brutal neck and back injury. He still technically hasn't retired, but he's enjoying life outside of football with a radio show. As someone who's moved on from football, he hopes Chancellor can do the same. 

It's not easy to put your career behind you, but he'll still be remembered as a monster at his position. 

Avril understands what Chancellor is going through. You want to decide to quit playing football when it's in your hands, but both players are still leaving the game at a high level. 

This Seahawks championship window may have closed early, but both of these players will get to look back and embrace the solid careers they've had.