​The first time LeBron James left Cleveland, it was the season of burning his jersey. This time around, after ​signing a max deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, it appears to be the season of outlandish ideas to lure James back to the Cavs. One local sportscaster was simply not having it.

​​Bruce Drennan may not have committed a mortal sin in a while, but he sure looks ready to in this clip.

A fan called in to the show to pitch the idea of forcing Cavs owner Dan Gilbert out as a way to bring LeBron James back to Cleveland as well as his ​high school son LeBron James Jr..

Face it Cavs fans, LeBron is gone. By the time he is a free agent next, the potential GOAT will be 37 years old. Even with modern technology, it is hard to imagine LeBron being good enough to immediately lead Cleveland back to the NBA Finals.

It is even harder to imagine LeBron going back to Cleveland, with or without Dan Gilbert.

As for LeBron James Jr., he will go wherever he gets drafted. By the time he sees his first free agency, years will have passed and the landscape of the NBA will be entirely different. "Overthrowing" Gilbert as a way to attract his son just seems ludicrous. 

On the bright side, at least we have this incredible sound bite from Drennan to watch in the meantime.