Josh Rosen might not be alone in his belief that there were nine mistakes made ahead of him in the NFL Draft. While Rosen is just a rookie, he already has some big names backing him up. 

Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson said Rosen "blew my mind" during their first week together this offseason.​

Yup, Rosen is already making noise in Arizona. 

Peterson went as far as to say Rosen is definitely the future of the Cardinals franchise. He added that the rookie QB has impressed everyone with his ability to take command of the huddle, make advanced reads and run the offense.

It also didn't take longer than a week for the veteran offensive linemen to take a liking to Rosen after he spent time working with them earlier this offseason. 

That's much higher praise than some of the other young quarterbacks around the league have received to this point. Baker Mayfield has struggled a bit thus far and Sam Darnold is still firmly entrenched as the third-string QB in New York. 

Rosen still has a ways to go before he is leading the Arizona offense on game days, but Peterson sure makes it sound like he is closing the gap on ​Sam Bradford a lot faster than many thought he would.