Could it be that Matt Harvey makes his return to the NL East this season? If the Washington Nationals have it their way, they'll get the ex-Mets star and turn him into Daniel Murphy in terms of dominating New York everytime he faces them.

Harvey's disastrous start to 2018, pitching to a 7.00 ERA with the Mets, relegated him to the bullpen and then a messy breakup with the team when he refused to go to the minors. Yet, since his departure from Queens, he rebounded nicely thus far once he got to Cincinnati. 

In 10 starts for the Reds, the former All-Star has pitched to a 4-3 record and decent 3.86 ERA. The Nationals, who are seeking another starter, ​may just look Harvey's way because of his revival.

What a sickening thought it would be for Mets fans to have to face Harvey and be victims to his revenge. With the Nats currently just 3.5 games out of the Wild Card spot heading toward the All-Star break and then trade deadline, anything is possible.

The 29-year-old has miraculously found his stuff again, and his fastball is hitting 96 mph on the gun consistently. In his last three starts, Harvey has only allowed three runs while walking just two and striking out 14 batters. 

Is his mini-resurgence just a flash in the pan or has the Dark Knight miraculously risen from the ashes? There's a possibility that the struggling Mets will have to find out the hard way if their nightmares come true and the Nats do land Matt.