So far, the biggest move of the 2018 NBA Offseason has been LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers.

But in terms of a shock factor and a swift rebuke of whatever Bron's been trying to do, this comes damn close. All-Star big man ​DeMarcus Cousins, aka "Boogie," aka "The Torn Achilles Recoverer," is on his way to the Golden State Warriors.

Like, actually.

Just when we all thought the Warriors were finally looking vulnerable, with James bringing together his ideal team in the City of Angels, the Dubs go out and make themselves even more unbeatable.

For the previous few seasons, the entire Golden State squad has been considered essentially an All-Star team, as their only hole was the center position.

However, with Cousins on his way to the Bay Area, expect the Warriors to do what they do best, at an even higher rate, and that's winning. $5.3 million?!

It's true that Boogie will still be recovering from his injury for a certain portion of the season, and it's also true the Warriors don't retain Bird Rights, but come on now. This breaks the league much more than the blocked CP3-Lakers deal ever had.

The new starting five on the court should make the entire NBA shake in fear, as this is a team that means business, as another NBA title seems very likely in the Warriors' immediate future.