It has barely been a day of ​free-agency and the Wizards are already royally screwing themselves over. They've been extremely silent in the last few days and it is getting concerning. There is a lot that they need to figure out and seem to be taking their sweet time. 

After stupidly trading away their starting big man Marcin Gortat for guard Austin Rivers, it is crucial that they grab someone to take his place. This is one of the more crucial moves that they need to make this summer and it doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. 

The Wizards missed out on Boogie, Dwight Howard isn't on their radar right now, and Julius Randle is headed to the Pelicans. They also lost Mike Scott to a one-year deal with the LA Clippers. With the Wizards, Scott averaged 8.8 points shooting 40.6 percent from behind the arc. 

The Wizards began free-agency with more than $126 million already tied up in the salaries of 11 players. They have to fill the roster spots but don't expect any All-Star names to be on it. 

So now, the Wizards are forced to play the waiting game. The players that they will be able to afford are the ones that will be the leftovers on the market. That's not how you build a contending team in a suddenly wide open East.