​New York Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello must be at his breaking point right now. After leaving the Toronto Maple Leafs and arriving in Long Island to revamp their organization, ​the face of the franchise leaves for his past club

Talk about irony. 

So who could blame him if he decides to make an insane offer-sheet to one of the many Leafs restricted free agents next year? One NHL general manager seems to think that's an absolute lock to happen. 

​​Can you imagine if Lamoriello pulls off the ultimate payback and manages to obtain a superstar on the Leafs?

The Maple Leafs are celebrating a great victory for their franchise as they coerced ​John Tavares to sign in Toronto. Kyle Dubas seems to have pulled off the impossible in his first few months as general manager for the Leafs, already outshining his predecessor. 

The Leafs may find themselves in a tight salary cap situation in the next few years. William Nylander is currently a restricted free agent, while Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, and Kasperi Kapanen are all RFAs next year. Dubas may not be out of the water yet as they'll all look for huge paydays after coming off of their entry-level contracts. 

​​Lamoriello is on the hunt for payback, so relationships and memories won't stand in his way to screw over his past club. 

Since all four of those players are coming off of their ELC, if the Islanders do make an offer sheet and it goes unmatched, then there won't be any compensation for Leafs. With Nylander currently without a contract, he seems to be the most likely option for an offer sheet. 

However, the Leafs still have $13 million in cap space so they have the ability to match it, but the Islanders can still offer him a massive contract that'll hinder the Leafs when they need to re-sign Matthews or Marner. It may not be the perfect form of payback, but Lamoriello putting his former team in cap hell would be hilarious and the exact kind of drama the NHL needs.