Well, then.

"GM Doc" was a co​ntroversial figure in the city of Los Angeles for a time. After a while, however, Doc Rivers had his front office privileges reassigned. Problem solved.

But now, L.A. is officially feeling "GM LeBron" in full effect. And it's...

It's weird, folks. Rajon Rondo is about to don the Purple and Gold.

​​While we were still digesting the idea that LeBron James' new team would also feature Lance Stephenson and ​JaVale McGee -- ​and probably not Julius Randle at this point -- we now have this nugget. And it's totally unclear how such an ​NBA experiment is going to go.

Rondo experienced a bit of a renaissance with the New Orleans Pelicans last year, coming up big down the stretch and making key contributions in the playoffs. But that doesn't mean anyone saw this move coming.

LeBron will need as much floor spacing as possible in order to be able to do what he does. That means more shooting from the point guard position than Lonzo Ball can provide. And though Rondo has never been a true-blue long-range assassin in his career, he can knock 'em down a hell of a lot better than Lonzo can.

In short, it's not that this move doesn't make sense.

It just feels bizarre.