Could this be a free agency ploy by Bryce Harper?

​From shaving his beard to hearing ​New York walk-up songs, 2018 has been quite strange for the superstar slugger. However, the most bizarre moment of his season didn't occur until today. 

It appears Harper is slowly adapting from outfield to first base, as he was seen fielding ground balls for the Nationals.

Um, are we being punked?

Almost every baseball fan is accustomed to Harper shining in the outfield, but maybe flashing the leather at first is coming very soon. In fact, Washington manager Dave Martinez said Harper requested this. 

While we're at it, the timing of Harper's request and Greg Bird's struggles is certainly interesting. Everyone loves to paint a picture of him playing in the Bronx, so this might add another layer to the narrative. 

Harper has experienced scrutiny throughout his entire career, which means he should definitely expect more criticism over his testing at first base.