Kam Chancellor's likely retirement is definitely something Seahawks fans are going to have to get used to. 

The hard-hitting safety has been patrolling the secondary in Seattle for the last eight years alongside teammate Earl Thomas, who we're somewhat surprised hasn't found his own way out of town by now. Thomas is going to have to line up alongside someone else this year, so of course, this news came as a disappointment to him. 

Naturally, the only way to cope with this kind of move is to post a picture of himself. 

This does just seem like a regular Insta of himself until you read the caption: "A lot is going on in sports just touch down to hear that 31 retired. Good luck on the next chapter."

"A lot is going on in sports"???

That's right. Thomas has been partners in crime with Chancellor for the last eight years, sharing a Super Bowl victory and numerous Pro Bowl appearances together, and the only thing he could muster up was a picture of himself. You can google their names and hundreds of pictures will come up, but somehow, Thomas didn't have any? Come on man. 


Thomas is currently holding out so he's got a lot on his own plate. It's still a nice gesture to acknowledge his teammate's decision, but definitely needs some work picking the photo. And the caption. Basically everything but the filter.