The Los Angeles Lakers gained a lot of new fans on Sunday night.

When it was announced that LeBron James would sign with the Lakers, fans naturally abandoned ship in Cleveland to follow The King to the bright lights of LA. There was plenty of room on the Los Angeles bandwagon as the Lakers haven't exactly been watchable since Kobe Bryant left.

The new love for the Lakers was perfectly summed up by Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long, who trolled the "diehard" showtime fans with a fantastic tweet.

​​Cue the "what do you mean? I've been a diehard Laker fan my entire life!" responses. 

Long, of course, could be trolling Los Angeles as a Philly representative who was hoping LeBron would end up a Sixer. He wasn't the only one as Joel Embiid also took to Twitter to release his frustrations, but Long summed it up best. 

You can't be surprised about the new Lakers fans at this point. There was no reason to cheer for this team earlier as they haven't won more than 35 games in the last five years. Sure, there was young talent, but this is one of the most successful franchises in basketball. You don't get excited about the possibility of greatness. 

With LeBron in town and Kawhi Leonard possibly joining him, who can blame these fans for resurfacing?

​​They'll still have their Warriors jerseys ready to go when Steph Curry and Kevin Durant bounce them out of the playoffs, but for now, fans will be dusting off that Lakers apparel.