Well, Lakers fans, your wildest dreams have come true.

LeBron James has officially joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

While the basketball world reacts in tremendous fashion, LeBron's newest teammate Lonzo Ball, tweeted out his feelings on the situation, showing he never doubted the move.

This move will incite many reactions across the social media world, as people will remember this day in their life, of where they were when the King signed with the Lakers organization.

Along with Ball's reaction, fellow teammate Kyle Kuzma tweeted his reaction out shortly after the news went public, as the entire Lakers squad has just been revamped with one move.

Exciting times are ahead for the City of Angels, as the legendary Lakers franchise has just been graced by another great of the game, but one question that hasn't been answered yet is the reaction Lonzo's father, LaVar Ball, will have.

Time will tell how things turn out, but one thing that seems certain, is that James's new teammates are excited and very open to welcoming their new addition to the squad.